One Source Talent Success Stories: Priscilla L

I’ve been with One Source Talent for about 4 months now and have working with the amazing director Kim Rocco Shields on the Film ” Love is All You Need.” I have also done extra work with the Syfy channel. I’m amazed on how fast it happened. Thank you One Source Talent!

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  1. Tracy Webb says:

    Modeling works well will all age groups and has really great ideas of where to photograph you so that you get the best pictures possible.

    Hire Modeling for your next event! You won’t regret it and you will have beautiful photos to prove it!
    Quite simply, Modeling is awesome! We were new to the area and I was looking for a photographer to do our annual family photos. I found Modeling based on the fantastic reviews on Yelp and he certainly did not disappoint.

    We could not be more pleased with our experience. Modeling is fun, friendly and easy-going, and very quickly put our 5-year old at ease (not exactly an easy task). He had her posing and having fun with the camera in no time flat (a process that has taken up to 45 minutes in past years!). He captured her natural beauty as well as the many moods and faces that make up her personality. Modeling also did a great job of capturing the essence of our family in our group shots…it was a really enjoyable and comfortable experience.

    We will definitely be calling Modeling next year when it’s time for the next installment of chronicling our family!

    Thanks, Modeling! You rock!
    Finding Modeling Company was a great relief. I had never enjoyed being photographed nor ever been happy with head shots until my recent experience with Modeling. He is creative, practical, professional, and very very kind. If you’re looking for seasoned experience and a pleasant shoot, look no further.

    Thanks Modeling!!
    Modeling combines the best of both worlds in terms of photography – the experience and professionalism when it comes to taking great pictures, and the creativity and imagination of a true artist.

    Modeling’s pleasant personality makes the photo-shoot enjoyable. He offers professional advices when it comes to what to wear, listens to clues of what the photos will be used for, in what settings, and viewed by whom. My favorite photo turned out to be the one in a pose that I did not think of myself, in a suit that I initially did not think of wearing (but was convinced by Modeling as he sent me some ideas before my visit).

    During the shoot, Modeling applied his experience to make the process easy. There was no complex instructions nor heavy preparations – the shoot had a feel similar to chatting with a friend and taking a walk in a park. This is because Modeling knows how a body would look when we have pleasant thoughts, how a face would tilt if we rest on our elbow – and he takes advantage of our nature expressions and body movements to capture the frames he envisioned.

    The post photo-shoot process was very easy to follow as well. Modeling would upload the album onto his gallery and protect it with a password, so we can browse at our leisure and pick our favorite pictures for final adjustments.

    All in all, I found my photographic experience with Modeling to be very positive, and I am happy to count it toward a mini adventure onto something I definitely don’t get to experience and see everyday.
    I am a real estate broker and my business partner and I worked with Modeling 7 years ago and again recently this year. Seven years ago Modeling took absolutely amazing pictures of us which we have used all of these years and have received so many compliments. Since we feel we look different now and little older we thought it was time to call Modeling and update them. Wowwwww!! The end result of this session was so impressive. Modeling is a great listener and he gave us exactly what we were looking for. We are extremely happy with Modeling’s professionalism and top notch photography skills. We will use him over and over again in the future and refer him to everyone we know. Thank you for everything Modeling!!!! :):)
    This is one of my first times writing a review, but I felt it was necessary to tell everyone how good of a photographer Modeling is. I just got headshots done with him, and I couldn’t be more pleased. He’ll make you feel very comfortable whether or not you have experience in front of the camera. His direction is flawless and fun.

    I am extremely picky when it comes to my headshots (I’ve had three different sessions with three different photographers in the last few years), and I have to say that – by far – Modeling is the best photographer I’ve had. With his easygoing, down to earth personality, I feel like I made a new friend. I can’t recommend him enough!
    I love shooting, I’m a whore for a photo shoot. Modeling is THE best. He gets connected right away, tapping right in to your magic. He helps you choose the best outfits, knows what’s going to look good and doesn’t waste any time. I had a blast shooting headshots with him and everyone loves my pics!

    He also shot my friend’s wedding – the pics were fantastic – lots of energy, unique points of view, plus a lot of very classic looks as well.

    I don’t know any other way to say it except… get him now while his prices are still reasonable cause Modeling’s a freakin rock star.
    What a great photographer!!!
    So professional, and an amazing eye for details.

    He is great for any and all types of photos.

    I always recommend him to any of my clients, and he delivers!
    You have found your man! Modeling is a true professional, great photographer and wonderful person to work with. He has a gift to capture your true essence and really makes you feel comfortable with his warm personality. The photo session felt effortless and I could tell Modeling was well prepared and had really listened so we could capture the look and feel we discussed. Modeling is a soulful guy who is definitely on purpose and I look forward to working with him for years to come for every occasion, personal or professional.
    Modeling is amazing!!!! He is very professional; but very friendly that you will feel like he is your long time friend. He is also very creative with his work. He is not only taking amazing photos, captured the PERFECT moments. I really wish I can give him more than just 5 stars. His work is just excellent!!!! My family used him for Family photo shoot; then we used him again for my baby’s first birthday. I highly recommend to use him. Very fast turn around time also!!!
    Modeling took my shots a couple years ago, and I am still getting compliments on them, even now that I’m in New York. I took a stab in the dark looking for an affordable headshot photographer in LA, and after perusing his website and checking out his rates, Modeling seemed to be a good fit. During the session, he was able to completely put me at ease, and was so willing to just go along with whatever mood struck me, while easily putting his two cents in when I needed it.
    He goes to great lengths to make sure that you’re happy with the final product. He is a fantastic bargain that any actor should feel great about utilizing!!
    Modeling photographed my private real estate event in Pasadena, the photos he took of my new condo project were amazing! He captured all the features, details, lighting, and made my project come alive. I am very pleased with the results.

    Also he photographed some head shots (just for fun!) for me and I’m usually very shy about close ups. Best head shots I’ve ever got! I was very surprised by the results. Modeling is very professional and personable, he makes me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I’d definitely recommend Modeling to anyone in my spheres for their personal or business functions.

    May Hsu/ Treeline Realty
    The Best Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles.

    One of the Hidden Gems of this town.

    Prepare to see and meet THE AUTHENTIC YOU…. At it’s most ALLURING AND BEAUTIFUL.

    You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

    This Prairie Boy… Modeling Company, born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, will make you feel so comfortable and happy in front of the lens, you feel like you’re at a family outing.

    He sees your SINGULAR QUALITIES inside his camera
    I wanted to give my boyfriend and his daughter an outdoor photoshoot for Christmas. I decided on Modeling as his photos captured the best smiles. He was very gracious enough to fit me in at short notice. Though I wasn’t at the shoot, my BF told me that Modeling worked very hard and had lots of ideas on how and where to pose. And then there were the wonderful candid moments when Modeling just let them go wild in the park. When my BF and his daughter got back from the shoot, I got the very best Thank You video. I think that spoke volumes of how much fun they had! The photos were uploaded to the Gallery in a short amount of time, and as promised, the DVD came within a week. Just viewing Modeling’s photos (over and over again) has brought tons of joy and laughter to the family and to me. Thank you, Modeling, for the very best work! Merry Christmas!

    • Tracy Webb says:

      Modeling did some excellent head shots I needed on the spur of a moment. Even though I am super awkward in front of the camera he managed to get some great photos that I have been able to use regularly. He was fun to work with and I would definitely recommend his work.
      I was at a party where Modeling was the photographer and I was struck right away by how pleasant he was. I’ve been to plenty of parties with professional photographers and I have to say Modeling was the most personable one I’ve met yet. However, what impressed me the most are his beautiful, gorgeous, amazing photographs! He has a very special talent of making the ordinary absolutely extraordinary! I seriously think he can make anything look stunning, he really has a special eye coupled with wonderful skills. If you’re looking for a photographer, look no further than Modeling, I can’t recommend him highly enough!!
      The very personable Modeling Company took shots of me with my daughter at a local park recently — there just aren’t words to describe how happy I am with the results. I would have been happy to walk away with a handful of nice shots, but we got dozens of really superior photos. He scouted out the location before we got there and planned ahead for what we’d be doing that day. As a result he really captured that something special that defines our relationship. My daughter, who had had a little trepidation before the shoot (what’s going to happen, Daddy? What will I have to do?) walked away with a huge smile on her face. I think all three of us had a really nice time. Thank you, Modeling.
      Modeling photograhed my wedding, a family photo session on the beach, & my best friend’s head shots, among other amazing sessions throughout the past several years. Anyone can claim to be professional, but he makes the experience so fun and relaxed, the photos can’t help but be fantastic. He is highly recommended.
      Modeling is the man! I’ve taken many press pix in my day and he is such an amazing guy to work with. His enthusiasm is infectious and get this… he actually cares about his clients!
      Modeling has worked with us in a professional capacity at United States Artists to photograph staged and candid shots at gala events, and he has delivered wonderful photos every time. He is a talented “people” photographer and is a delight to work with. I can’t recommend Modeling enough!
      I can not give Modeling Company enough praise as a photographer. My company needed someone to shoot some head shots and shots of our company senior management team quickly. I viewed several photographers on Yelp and couldn’t help but notice that Modeling had so many rave reviews. When I saw his work I knew he was the right fit for our company so I gave him a call. He was able to work us in the next day for a quick photo shoot and we couldn’t be happier with the photos. Modeling was able to make our management team relax and smile without seeming stiff or fake. He was easy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with his professionalism or the photos. I am so happy that we found him on Yelp and will definitely call him again when needed. If your looking for a great, kind and creative photographer you should call Modeling.
      I hired Modeling Company to do my wedding photography based on the reviews here and the fact that he was so nice, helpful and responsive when initially contacted. And I couldn’t be happier. He was the most ideal and impressive photographer. He has a fantastic eye, can work quickly and yet is very patient, he’s great with families and he’s supremely professional all-around. He’s so easy to work with too, great personality, made it a very fun and enjoyable experience. The pictures were gorgeous, which proves he knows what he’s doing in all respects. I’m jealous of anyone else who gets to work with him because frankly he’s fantastic.
      Modeling did an awesome job at our wedding last September. He is a really nice person and took beautiful photographs. We are glad we went with our gut feeling and chose to hire him after meeting with him. After the wedding, he edited the photos quickly and we were able to meet with him to review the photos, and he had the photos up online within about a month of our wedding. He also gave us a DVD of all the photos (over 700!) from the day for our personal use. We will definitely use his services again if we have another special event to photograph.
      Modeling photographed my family so we could have some shots of my daughter as a baby. He was extremely patient, kind, and fun to work with. He made my daughter very comfortable and took fantastic shots of us all. We will use Modeling every time we need a photographer.
      Modeling shot some new publicity photos for my portfolio and they are fantastic! Modeling has a fantastic eye for natural light and shots are of exceptional quality, Really great guy and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Very professional experience and reasonably priced.
      Modeling is amazing!! I had a great experience shooting with him and had so many shots to choose from! I would recommend any day. He took his time, made me feel comfortable to capture my essence. He understands lighting and angles very well! Thanks Modeling
      Let’s face it. This town has A LOT of photographers. That’s probably because there’s A LOT of people judged primarily on their looks first. Headshots are a necessary evil for anyone wanting to make it in “the biz” and some photographers have a bigger ego than their clients (if you can believe that). Not Modeling Company. He’s a very down-to-earth, friendly person who really does make you feel at ease in order to get “the one” shot you need that will land you your next job. He’s also extremely professional and communicates with his clients regularly to update them on the progress of the job. He works fast – within a few days I had retouched photos and CD with all the shots from the shoot in hand. Sure you can probably find someone a bit cheaper at one of the “headshot factories”, but ultimately you get what you pay for. His rates are fair market rates and he’s worth every penny. He’s very responsive to client requests and his shots look AMAZING! I hate every photo ever taken of me – except his – and that’s saying a lot.
      Modeling did a great job photographing my fiances bridal shower .His work was flawless.The pics came out crisp and he took some great shots from a wide variety of angles to make the pics come alive and look very natural.His communication skills are excellent and he delivered on every promise and even extended his stay for a bit without charging extra.He is a real pleasure to work with and a true gentleman.My fiance said that he was always there to capture each and every moment snapping shots without any hesitation and i can tell by all the great pics we have to show off to all our friends and family.Use Modeling if you want a Fair, honest and extremely talented photographer who delivers what he promises.We will be using Modeling for all our future Photography work.Thanks again Modeling! You did a great job!
      MODELING’S PHOTOGRAPHY IS ART! I have had photos done forever. Anyone who wants great pictures knows light is one of the most important elements. MODELING is a true lighting genius! His work tells a story, whether in the location or most importantly, in a person’s eyes. He SEES you, and has the genius to capture you. As an actress on a soap opera, a novelist and a speaker I had several different needs for nice sellable head shots. I chose Modeling based on the absolutely beautiful shots I found online. I knew I wanted beauty and intensity and fun all at the same time. I can be very hard to please, and very critical. Modeling was the most patient soul. He is not a frenzied hurried person. He never rushed me…only made me feel relaxed and comfortable and he helped calm me by just creating a calm environment for both of us to work. And OH!!!! The shots he got!! I could not even believe it myself! He FOUND ME in the lens and brought me out, at my best. He did this by listening and getting to know me and my needs BEFORE we began shooting. I am so thrilled I cannot choose. MODELING is now my photographer forever! He is a true artist who listens and can magically capture the truth, at it’s very best! Modeling receives my very highest recommendation. And it is such a wonderful feeling to know I will never have to shop again for a photographer. Thank you Modeling
      Dudes amazing. I love the ease of working with him. It was super laid back. He has an awesome dog too. Not a purse dog which, let’s face it…those are cats…I’m talking about a full on midwestern big dog. And he’s such a baby, he has a tennis ball and a popped basketball he likes to play with while Audition place is busy setting things up.

      As for Audition place, his shots are fantastic! Exactly what I wanted for this pilot season. I look exactly like me, and in all the looks that I will be going out for this season. Great work, and he also does makeup for free for the guys “there is an extra charge for makeup for girls”. I am happy to say I now have two favorite photographers in LA, both serving different purposes…but it really doesn’t get any better than this :)

      Thank you Audition place. Will be back often.

      East 5 out of 5 stars.
      As a former theatrical agent in Beverly Hills, Audition place Models tops my short list of preferred headshot photographers for delivering consistently great work.

      To put it bluntly, Audition place gets it. He will work with you to determine which look is most appropriate for your area of expertise. He has a great eye for styling and works wonders with editing. And at a reasonable price and same day cd of ALL of your shots, well, what’s not to love?
      Audition place did a fantastic job on the headshots he took of me. He goes the extra mile in making sure the pictures come out great. I have used him on a couple projects and have been extremely happy with the results. I will definitely use him again. He is a great photographer.

  2. Tracy Webb says:

    Such a great photographer! I have been dreading getting my head-shot for some time now. I’m so glad I did my research and found Audition place. He really is amazing/sincere and I walked out with several gorgeous photos.

    Not to mention his studio is fabulous and Kurimi his make-up gal was top notch. Will definitely be referring my friends and clients to him. Thanks, Audition place!
    Audition place is so sweet! He takes the time to look at all your looks and wardrobe and help you choose what’s strongest for your type.

    He does character shots that help you be more specific with what types of roles you’d go in for.

    He makes sure to choose the right background that will match the look you’re going for.

    He is a fun and kind photographer so the whole session is relaxing and you feel comfortable being yourself. Highly recommend!
    Let me share my story quick on Audition place’s photos……I decided to give acting a shot and was looking for a good photographer to get head shots. I called up Audition place because I was oblivious to the whole process of getting started and he walked me through the whole thing on how many looks, what to wear etc. The day of the shoot was great. He was so helpful on poses and knew exactly what he wanted me to do and explained it so we could get the best shots. I had all of my photos that day on a disc. This is where the story gets interesting………..I decided to go on the SAG website and start randomly sending out the head shots to Agents the next day. Not only did a get a ton of call backs almost every agent asked “who did these photos!?” “You rarely see photos of this quality from someone just starting.” They all asked for Audition place’s name and contact. I signed with an agency and management company shortly after (zero experience). I got booked for a small part on a web series and received a Taft Hartley to make me SAG eligible. Now I’m taking acting classes and going on auditions. Mind you, this was all within a couple weeks of getting photos done by Audition place. I truly owe him big, because I’m learning how important the head shot actually is. Audition place’s photos go beyond the bar. Thanks again, Audition place. We will definitely work together again.
    I’ve been shooting with Audition place for years! And no sh#t, every single time I post any of the shots he did on any social media, I ALWAYS get people asking me who took the shots. He’s great. Plain and simple. I don’t see myself going to any other photographer as long as I’m in LA! Thanks Tony for always making me look “Blue Steel”! =P
    I’ve always identified with the phrase “be so like able that after 14 hours on set anyone will still want to get a drink with you.” I think that’s a good frame for business too. Audition place was just really cool and chill while we were shooting, he makes you feel like best friends. It kept me staying calm. The biggest thing is I don’t have any real confidence in taking photos. Audition place helped me understand how to stand and took the time to explain why. The lighting he pulled off outside and in was a true test to what makes a headshot pop. I’m going out to auditions with confidence in the photo I’m holding in my hand.
    I took my daughter to get photographed by Audition place and his work is superb. My daughter has sign with theatrical representation as well as commercial all due to how well Audition place was able to captured my daughters natural beauty. The first thing the agent asked me was “who took her pictures”. She has booked many rolls from Audition place’s head shoots. We recommend Audition place to our family and friends all the time. As well as other parents on set/ auditions. Your work is flawless Audition place keep up the amazing work
    Audition place is a very good photographer. Will work with you to achieve the perfect shot that you are looking for. I hired him for a photo shoot with my wife and I and did an amazing job. Me and my wife are some what shy and he made us feel very comfortable. He made us feel relaxed and took great pictures of us together. Recommend him for any photo needs you may have. He also gave us a great deal for his services. Couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Thanks Audition place.
    Audition place has done a lot of work for our office. Head shots of patients and photos of our space and so forth. He is amazing at what he does. Especially the head shots, he has a way of making anyone look great and unique. I highly recommend his work. His demeanor is also amazing. He has a way of making you feel comfortable and special!
    I just moved to Los Angeles and had headshots that were way outdated. So, I was on the look for a good headshot photographer. What I soon realized that there was A LOT to choose from and it’s kind of an ordeal to pick one out. From what I found, you can definitely find people from price ranges from $0 all the way up to $1200. In general, I think you get what you pay for. However, I really wasn’t looking to spend $600-$1200 for headshots. To me, in that price range, you’re probably buying more into the name than anything else.

    Looking at Audition place’s porfolio, I felt like his shots were comparable to the top guys, but he was just charging almost half as much as them. So, I booked session with him. Showed up at his studio and we started off with a general talk about what I’m trying to market and trying to figure out which looks to form with the clothes I had. I thought that maybe he was a little on the cheaper side because he was a little new to the game, but he really had a lot to say about helping me figure out what would be the most effective wardrobe and looks to put together.

    The shoot was a breeze. He’s really good at helping you get into the mood and pulling different expressions out of you. The whole ordeal was very laid back and I never felt pressured or super self conscious like in my last headshot session. Also, for guys, he did the makeup for free which is a nice bonus.

    Now I have a handful of shots, and even though it kind of sounds like a canned line, I honestly am having trouble figuring out how to narrow down my hundreds of shots because a lot of them are just really good. I very much highly recommend this guy. He’s at a great pricepoint and can probably afford to be higher if he wanted to, so get in there while it’s still an amazing deal!
    Audition place is an amazing photographer. He has a true vision for this stuff! He took my headshots a few years ago up in Westlake. He is super sweet, patient, and comfortable to be around.

    Now I will review the date we went on once: (LOL) A gentlemen that gave me the most beautiful bouquet of individually selected flowers I’ve ever received :-) Curse us Libras for having such great taste. The kind of guy you can trust implicitly. I’ll come back to him for photos someday, or just a hello.
    I can’t believe no one has said this yet, but Audition place is gorgoeus! I almost felt silly during our shoot because I felt like HE should be the model! :p

    Audition place helped me get my modeling portfolio started. I always wanted to try modeling, but I was having trouble booking any gigs because I didn’t have any professional photos, headshots, etc. So after weeks of doing extensive research on photographers in the LA area, I contacted Audition place to set up a photo session.

    Like everyone else has said, Audition place is really smart, charismatic, and he’s funny! There was a hair and make-up artist at the studio when I arrived, and Audition place made me laugh the whole time I was getting my hair and make-up done. It was a blast!

    We did one swimsuit shoot on the beach at Santa Monica Pier. I had never done any modeling before, and the waves were really loud so I couldn’t hear anything Audition place was saying. He actually had to help me with my poses a couple of times, but he was super professional and didn’t make me feel incompetent. I also love that he would show me the photos as we went along, so I could SEE what I was doing wrong. We did a second look next to Third Street Promenade, under a palm tree. These photos came out amazing. Audition place gave me pointers on how to interact with my environment so I wasn’t just loitering next to a palm tree. :p

    Overall, Audition place is amazing to work with. My photos came out beautiful! I still get compliments on them on Model Mayhem, and I will totally work with Audition place again if I ever have $350 burning a hole in my pocket :)
    Audition place’s a great photographer (just check out his port), and a really friendly guy over all. He takes the time to work with you to try to achieve the look you want, and he works hard. I mean jesus, he even switched cameras for me. What other photographer does that?
    The only draw back I would say is I was a little taken back by the bill, but other than that, great experience
    We just worked with Audition place at my job. He did head shots for the staff, pictures for the office and everything turned out great. This is not the 1st time we work with him, he is just great. He makes you feel comfortable. If your looking for the best this is it, look no further.
    In the past 3 years or so, my husband and I have hired Audition place on three separate occasions.

    Do a quick Google search on “types of photographers” and you’ll find a lengthy list: event, modeling, headshot, artistic, etc. etc. Now FORGET ABOUT ALL OF THAT and face reality: for 99% of us with minimal understanding of the art, there are only two types of photographers that matter…

    Type 1: THE AMATEUR – Owns a nice camera and has a “good eye”.
    Type 2: THE PROFESSIONAL – Owns an excellent camera and knows how to manipulate lighting, angles, focus, color, exposure, and most importantly, his or her subject, for the best possible photograph.

    If you’re looking for professional shots, and you can afford it, you should absolutely go with Type 2 (Audition place!). You will not regret it.

    P.S. Audition place is very professional, friendly and accommodating, and a joy to work with. If you don’t have fun during your shoot, it means you need to loosen up a little! We always have a blast. :)
    I just shot headshots w/Audition place, and I couldn’t ask for anything more! He is legit, knows manipulation of light, has an everything you need in-door studio, immediately gets you your photos on a disk after session, and offers very reasonable prices for touch-ups on your selected photos. A+ defiantly the “go-to” guy here! Oh, and guys he will even do touch-up makeup to make you ‘pop!’
    Audition place did my headshots and they are amazing. He made me feel very comfortable, he really took his time listening to what I needed. And his shots really captured “me”!!
    I’m going out alot for auditions!!
    Ok, I’ve shared my headshots with my friends in the business and they approve so that means that I can give Audition place another star. In addition, in my previous review, I mentioned that I did only two “looks”. in restrospect, I guess I technically did three. Two different theatrical looks, one with just a black T-shirt, and one with shirt and tie, and a commerical look with the same shirt but without the tie. Consequently, if that’s the case, then the four stars is definitely warranted.

    If I get asked by an agent to re-do one of the looks and Audition place does as advertised, then the fith star will be added without hesitation. I think I also failed to mention that it didn’t hurt the fact that he is nice on the eyes. :-)
    Audition place is absolutely fantastic.

    I have never met a more professional, and exceptionally talented photographer in my life. He is quite possibly the most charismatic and savvy individual I have ever met, and very, very intelligent.

    My girlfriend and I chose Audition place after looking at many other photographers in the Los Angeles area. His jaw-dropping photographs are what first drew me in, but after talking to him over the phone, it was his very reasonable rates and remarkable customer-service that sealed the deal.

    His studio is absolutely beautiful, complete with thousands of dollars of high-end photography and lighting equipment. He has dozens of backdrops to choose from, and a plethora of unique lighting techniques that he uses to give his photos their cutting-edge appeal.

    Audition place is a genius, and his rates are a steal. He is accommodating, and very easy to work with. He combines an unreal sense of professionalism, while at the same time being flexible and relaxed. You will feel very comfortable in his studio, especially with his constant reaffirmation of positive feedback while taking your actual photographs.

    Audition place Models is the best photographer I have ever met in my life, he is extremely skilled in his craft and will NOT disappoint.
    Overall great experience. A true professional and an incredibly friendly guy. Audition place took the time to sit down with me and discuss how I could market myself and what looks I should go for, and then with his guidance I got the proper attire/wardrobe and was ready to shoot. He has a nice, spacious studio WITH rooftop access. He knows the LA area well and took me to some really cool locations to capture exactly what I was looking for. While shooting he gives great yet simple direction and really has an eye for natural lighting. He also shows you how the pictures are coming out during the shoot so you can see how you look and make any adjustments. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease, and it really shows in the pictures. Last but not least, my session went a little longer than I had originally planned, so I was running late for work (I do not have a car, so I rely on public transportation-anybody else in LA knows this can be incredibly frustrating during rush hour) and being the awesome guy he is, Audition place kindly drove me back to my house and I got to work on time! This dude’s legit and I definitely recommend him to anyone trying to get high quality headshots for a competitive price.
    He’s seriously the best. I’ve had my headshots taken a few times and none knew what Audition place knew – he knows his stuff, for real. I just moved to LA about a month ago, so it was refreshing to finally get some good advice. For example, “changing the color of your shirt doesn’t really show versatility.” He helped me with wardrobe and picking what was best for the type. I also asked him what type he saw me as, which helped a lot!

    His prices are great, can’t beat them. He has a cute dog that I fell in love with… Tux. So sweet. Audition place was also very nice and so funny! It’s nice to be able to hold a conversation with someone – he made me feel comfortable.

    I definitely will be going back for more headshots in the future. I’m glad I didn’t have to look far. Thanks Audition place!

  3. Brianne says:

    Hey, my name is Brianne. I joined One Source October of 2004, and have definetly gotten a lot more jobs. Having my comp card available on this site for agencies and jobs has given me tons of work. I plan on building my career, and having great success. Talent I.D 6057

  4. Iva says:

    Im new to OST and the industry, I signed with them a month ago. I haven’t gotten work yet, but I can’t wait to get started!

  5. Derick says:

    Mr Holesome says: I came to OST after many years on the radio in the Detroit area, looking to transition into the world of film and video. In fact, I was in college for communications with a desire to direct film when I dropped out for my first job in radio. That risky move led to the rare climb from promotions intern to Morning co-host in just over 5 years – ALL IN THE DETROIT MARKET!
    Now, looking to broaden my experience I have begun doing stand-up comedy, modeling and acting. Within my first week with OST, I was an extra in a movie for two days of shooting.
    My second week I was hired as a print model and auditioned for a principal role in another Detroit area film production for which I was cast! These and other events have been such an amazing opportunity for me, my only regret is that I did not get involved with OST sooner!

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