One Source Talent Success Stories: Larry S

I am a believer in One Source Talent. Since joining, I’ve received an opportunity to appear in the movie “Ride Along-2″ as an extra. I’m looking forward to working on more projects thanks to One Source. My background is in Broadcast Journalism and I find acting and voice over work even more rewarding.

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One Response to “One Source Talent Success Stories: Larry S”

  1. Kelvin says:

    Hi my name is Kelvin Garcia and I am a up coming model/actor. My story is that I m a young man trying to make something of myself. Also I wouldn’t mind becoming famous. My age range is 18-21 Im about 5’7 I have long dark browm Hair and I also have dark brown eyes. I hope some day that I would make it. I also want to make my parents proud but they are already pr
    oud but I want to show my parents that I made on my own.
    Well that is my story thank you GoodBye.

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