Nine9 Scam

Many of you have read somewhere or heard from someone that “Nine9 is a scam” or “Nine9 will take your money and not call you back”  Well we here at Nine9 want to address the Nine9 Scam issue that is on the internet.

Lets start off whit explaining what Nine9 does. Nine9 is a casting company that works with a wide variety of casting directors and modeling companies. We seek what our clients are looking for and submit our talent to them. Our acting talent consists of, voice acting, theater, television and all types of film and also including modeling, such as; runway, promotional, print, commercials, plus size, petite, and high fashion. We also work with children (ages three and older) and individuals with little or no experience. So we work with many looks and the need for talent may vary also, it just depends on what our clients are looking for at the time. Nine9 is not a agency.

Agencies in general will take a certain percentage of what the talent earns from a booked job. After all they had to invest in the talent by covering the cost of printed composite cards, photos, marketing materials and other things. Once the agency had recouped the money that they have spent they will keep on taking the same percentage from the talent to make money for the employees and to keep the agency running.

At Nine9 we do charge a monthly fee. We do not take percentages or commission from out of our talent’s pay. The fee not only includes our talent being submitted out to our private clients, you will receive a user name and pass word to log onto the back office. Talent can submit their own comp cards out on the back office. We post hundreds of new castings there nationally. We also have a talent client services department that is available to help with resume building, arranging a portfolio and also giving advice to talent that may be new to the industry. Nine9 holds free classes to help talent in the industry and we also email new castings to our talent that has been requested for specific projects, using the Nine9 email account. Some of our talent has even signed with modeling/talent agencies that they are under contract with currently. We do not sell classes or require our talent to take classes.

Nine9 has worked with big networks such as VH1, MTV, FOX, ABC, NBC, BRAVO and many more.

Many of the Nine9 Scam review are coming from talent that have never logged onto their account and expected Nine9 to do all the work for them or from people that have never been to one of our 12 offices or even spoke to any of our representatives.

We hope that this article cleared some of the negativity that Nine9 gets and we hope to see you soon in one of our 12 offices.

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