Here is a brief compilation of the primary services we provide to all of our talent once they sign up with Nine9:

• Service 1: Direct Service

We are here to assist our models and actors attain their personal goals; whether that
goal is simply to work local promotions and obtain exposure in a local market, or to pursue national aspirations and a full blown industry career. Our company is designed to provide talent with all the tools necessary to be a success while being offered with personal attention to overall talent growth.

How do we do this? We realize that many of our talent are just getting started or have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to expand their career in the entertainment industry. Our talent need our help. It is
extremely important for a talent to understand the industry, what to do, what to say and what to expect while trying to land every booking. We ensure all that and with personal attention. Every single employee of Nine9 is geared and trained towards providing the best guidance to our talent regarding anything from marketing, to photography, to etiquette, auditioning and more.

Just as importantly as direction and training, our entire staff is available to provide support and motivation. This industry can be tough and when you need a little extra encouragement or some additional information we are always there. As you embark on your journey in this industry, we embark on it with you to provide the best guidance available. We do this as part of our service. This attention and all five services are included in the monthly fee of $39.95.

• Service 2: Digital Composite Card

A composite card / headshot is a models or actors resume and includes 1 to 10 photos as well as stats, measurements and contact information. There are paper versions and there are digital versions. We provide our talent with a digital comp card / headshot as part of our service. All talent that are brought on by Nine9 have their pictures and information initially uploaded onto their comp card in their local office.

The advantage of digital is it offers the ability to add or delete pictures, add new skills or experiences and update measurements whenever they want. Our talent are put into an easily searchable database which, because it’s digital, allows a casting director or agent a quick option when looking for a talent who has a specific trait or ability. The digital composite card can also be emailed to casting directors, photographers or any industry professional through a talent’s account in one easy step.

Nine9 also provides a temporary paper comp card (aka dig card) that our talent can print off an
unlimited amount of through their Nine9 account. Our paper comp cards can be updated just like a digital comp card including changing photos based upon the casting being submitted to.

• Service 3: Talent Services / Client Services

These are separate divisions located at our corporate headquarters in Troy, MI. Talent Services primary focus is being an outlet for questions or needs from our talent via phone or email.

They also pull local and national castings on a daily basis which are accessible through each talent’s account. These castings cover every dimension of the industry including commercials, featured films, print work, theater, video, editorials, extras, promotional work, etc.

Client Services works in conjunction with industry professionals nationwide for consideration towards both current and future projects that the particular client may have. Client Services utilizes both private and public castings for our talent. Here is an explanation of both:

A private casting is when Client Services receive a direct request from a client, casting director, production company or other industry professionals. We assign a representative who will speak to the client and get a better understanding of what they are looking for and how we can help them. This is provided to them as a free service in order to give talent the best shot at receiving more exposure. CS will work with the client to go through our digital database searching criteria based upon the client’s request. Once these talents are located, their digital composite cards are emailed to the client and follow up as needed. Once the client has made their choices, our talent are contacted to inform them with information about the casting.

A public casting is an ‘open to the public’ notice discovered through a local or national publication or website. Nine9 also subscribes to many casting services ourselves in order to take that burden off of the shoulders of our talent. This way a talent will not have to pay hundreds of dollars or more per month in subscription fees and waste valuable time searching for castings already available on the board. TS pNine9s an average of 100-150 fresh notices on our casting board daily (M – F). We also Nine9 any emergency casting notices on weekends. That means, on average, at least 500 casting notices are submitted by Nine9 every week. To apply to a casting, our talent have access to a system which allows them to email their digital comp card and a cover letter for the casting.

• Service 4: Meet and Greets

Meet and Greets are held at least twice a month in each of Nine9’s offices and are designed for two purposes. First, to allow talent to meet, learn from and support each other. Second, and although Nine9 is not a school and does not provide classes, Meet and Greets bring in industry professionals including actively working actors or models, casting reps, makeup artists, fashion photographers, dance teachers, personal trainers, etc. This allows for an intimate, informal educational atmosphere where professionals share their skills, experiences and secrets to success. Our talent are encouraged to attend as many Meet and Greets as are offered in their local offices as doing so will only help them reach their own personal goals.

• Service 5: Benefits Program

Our Benefits program is a proprietary program that not many in the industry have ever thought of and a program that no one in the industry currently implements. It’s simple; Nine9 has established cross marketing with local and national companies. What we offer them is the chance to have their company and products available to all of our models and actors. What they have to provide in return is a benefit to our talent.

These benefits vary depending on the company offering them but examples include spa treatments, entry to clubs, VIP treatment, discounts on services and shopping, to name a few. Whether our talent have aspirations of small or big proportions, the innovative services that we offer and the
personal attention that we give to each model and actor provides NINE9 talent with the tools and direction that it takes to be successful in this industry.

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