Should I wear makeup to an interview?

OST ModelingLadies love makeup, because they make them comfortable and cover up blemishes. Most ladies feel they cannot face the public without makeup, claiming it makes them feel awkward and unnoticed. This leaves ladies asking, “Should I wear makeup to a One Source Talent interview?”

In any interview, the first impression matters, since it is the only chance to sell yourself. No matter how little those thing are, you must take care of them. In a job interview, it is a matter of winning the heart of your potential employer. Wearing too much makeup is one of the little things, that can deny you a chance in an interview. It can distract the director, leaving him with a bad impression of your character; or they fail to concentrate on you, due to makeup distractions.Before you leave your house, in the morning of the interview, ask yourself, ‘ how should I wear makeup to an interview to avoid distracting the OneSourceTalent director?’ The answer will help you to weigh between confidence and impression, of which you need to be hired. You have to wear less makeups, enough to make your face appear fresh and natural.

How should you wear less make up?

1. Apply enough concealer on your skin and under your eyes, to cover skin impurities and dark circles. Use loose power and apply light foundation on your skin, and make sure to avoid caked foundations.

2. Lipstick is better that lip gloss, and it should not be too bright, let it be formal. When applying the lipstick, let it look more natural, rather than too clumsy. When you apply too much or too bright lipstick, your director might stare at your lips, lather than what you are saying.

3. Let the eye shadow you apply appear natural and real. Make sure you use normal and not too bright colors. Pencil and mascara eyeliner are better than liquid eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners may form harsh lines, which may not impress the director at the One Source Talent office. Use dark mascara like brown or black, they appear natural; but bright mascara appears unprofessional.

After you are satisfied, use natural light to admirer your new look. Take this opportunity to remove overdone makeup, and any noticeable foundations. You may also ask your trusted partner how you look, and let them tell you what you need a change. Now you are ready to go, believe you are beautiful, and gather confidence. After all it is not makeup One Source Talent is interested in; armed with other qualifications, you will be ready to take that promising job.

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