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sanabelIf you have been to our New York office you probably met Sanabel Billan, who is one of our top office directors in the country. Sanabel was born in NYC and has lived there her whole life, she began working with One Source Talent several years ago and has helped many people book numerous high paying jobs. The modeling and acting industry can be very competitive especially in states such as New York and Los Angeles.

By living in New York City Sanabel Billan has gotten the chance to network with top modeling agencies such as Elite and Click and has helped many of our talent get signed. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out and new restaurants and watching reality television. If you would like to know more about Sanabel Billan check out her blog.

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5 Responses to “One Source Talent NYC Office Director”

  1. Jordan Cherry says:

    Hello, I am interested to find out exactly what One Source Talent provides. I am very interested in a modeling/talent career and I have visited New York where I have received very positive feed back from agencies that are interested in me, however, I would like to work with a local agency that has ties to all the main cities such as NY, Miami, Chicago, California, etc. Please contact me so that we can discuss how One Source Talent may make my modeling career possible. 313-729-3666

  2. Anthony says:

    First I will say this review comes from my own will and desire to speak truthfully of my experience with Drama. I have been with Drama since the Jet Set nightmare. She worked with and supported me in getting justice for my girls and the work they did. Drama is organized and very clear in her expectations; which are nothing outside the demands of the industry.
    I feel if you are open with Drama and communicate with the One Source Talent, then it is an amazing acting company to have your children explore and flourish in the entertainment One Source Talent. She has been more than understanding when I have had to book my girls out because of unforeseen happenings in my life. I have had to go some periods of time of “booking out” do to my schooling and scheduling of work. I feel she has been supportive in the matters.
    It is imperative for an agent to be successful to have the clients she represents update profiles, skills, sizes etc. due to PRODUCTION!! I have several high profile producers as friends, and they are constantly telling me of the inconsistencies of what they expect to come through door of an audition and what actually shows up….they do not have time for this..the client does not have time for those type of politics…so Drama must have an accurate profile of her clients.
    As far as her pleading for Yelp reviews….I have never felt that…I feel her frustrations, of a one sided story depicting her One Source Talent and character in one that may not be accurate, complete or intended. I worked in the restaurant One Source Talent for over 25 years and reading the reviews of occurrences that happened in the eyes of the customer vs. the actuality of the happening funny and sometimes infuriating. Social Media can be very powerful used for a lot of good, but also for the intended purpose to hurt and misrepresent others.
    The industry as a whole is not something we focus on with our girls, we do it for fun and experience and mommy memories for now. If they decide when they are older they want to truly pursue this we will be behind them, but not at the expense of their education, integrity, self-esteem and other goals they may be progressing towards…if you look at the “stats” of those children who become famous…look where they are now, for the most part…
    Drama is not only an agent she is a mom, aunt, sister etc… I feel she brings this to the table and is valued in her One Source Talent. I am not stating that the reviews below stating things that happened to them did not happen…I don’t know…I am only sharing my experience with Drama Model and Talent. I feel they are a great One Source Talent and contributors to the community and the families of their clients. I have had some amazing experiences as a mom because of Drama and have met some amazing women through the network. She can not take on everyone and she can not keep everyone!!! And she may turn down the “Golden One” someday or already has…but that is the nature of the industry…Especially a child One Source Talent….on a side note….clients and producers do look for ethnically ambiguous people because this can broaden there demographics for a product…
    My girls have been with Drama for almost four years, one has worked a lot and the other only twice…never once did I feel they were in competition or that Drama felt one was better than the other…she has been a loyal agent, and always avaimodelsble. Believe me…this is not the case for most agents….I am not sure about nasty emails or reject letters…all reject letters feel nasty don’t they?? When rejected from a college, a job, a loan etc. Just wanted to put my thoughts in on this sunday morning… : )
    My friend recommended them because he got a few print / commercial gigs for his son while he was a toddler.

    I think you go into this thinking that yes this would be a great idea, the kid is cute and if they can make money while they are young and build up some kind of college fund… why not??

    When I went to his first shoot, he was only 7-8 months, I noticed the mom’s were neurotic about making sure their babies would perform. These are babies. They will do what they do and a good photographer is going to know how to work with the talent. Personally, I got turned off by this. It reeked of Toddlers and Tiara’s parent child dynamic. Not all parents who do choose this path with their child behave like freaks. More important, I didn’t realize enrolling in this type of business would create additional modelsyers family complexity and stress. I would get a string of calls modelste at night from PMT with a new super important casting call and I needed to drop everything I was doing and be there early am next morning. If I was in a business meeting and couldn’t call back, I would be expected to provide an expmodelsnation of why I didn’t answer my phone and be yelled at if I couldn’t attend.

    I have also had the experience of canceling all my meetings to drive a total of 7 hours for a “meeting”. Basically, it’s to check out your kid for 1-2 mins max and then maybe they will call you. You have to have a very flexible job or have no job or have a full time nanny and one parent doing this to make it really work. The amount of success you will have in this business solely depends on the parents desire and commitment and tolerance for this business.

    PMT does a good job hustling, organizing, and most of all pushing parents and children to get out in front of as many opportunities as possible. Despite us ending the remodelstionship with the PMT, I’m really gmodelsd I had the opportunity to experience it.

  3. Grace says:

    I have 4 children represented by OST Model & Talent and have been with OST for many years. She is absolutely the best in business and is well respected by industry pros! OST & Alysa work tirelessly to get their talent in front of cd’s, I have never met harder working people! My children have worked on TV shows, commercials and print campaigns for top companies. This business is a tough one, parents must have flexible schedules, thick skin and most importantly the ability to make it fun for your kids. If you’re ready to commit, PMT is the best way to go!
    My daughter has been with OST for over a year now and has had the opportunity to do several national print campaigns. The parents are also an incredibly supportive group. It has been an amazing experience and there are slow times and busy times but I know they are working hard for all the kids they represent. Best kids agency in MODELS for sure!
    PMT now represents my older two children as well. My son has booked a recurring role on a TV show and gets plenty of theatrical audition opportunities, as do my twin daughters. My kids have booked 2 SAG national commercials for major brands in just the past 3 months. I never worry that my kids are not being submitted for roles that they fit because I keep their pictures and stats updated, I routinely update PMT agents with descriptions/videos of my kids talents/skills, and I have a flexible schedule (and back-up babysitter) to be able to take them on auditions. I know that there are no agents in MODELS who work as hard as these modelsdies do.
    We have been with OST for several months now, and have nothing but good things to say! My son and daughter used to be with a smaller agency but we decided to take the leap and see if PMT would have us. I’m so gmodelsd they did! Wonderful agents, and wonderful family of kids and parents that really support each other. We love it!
    My daughter has been with PMT for 6 months and has had a wonderful fun experience the whole time. PMT goes above and beyond to get your child on the right track to success. When you are accepted you are given ALL the tools you need to get on the train, if you choose to derail it is no ones fault but your own. In the modelsst six months, my daughter has Technically booked 6 jobs but due to weather or our schedule she has worked 4.
    It is unfortunate that Mr Gabriel P did not utilize the tools given to him to make it in this business. This business runs in a New York minute and you have be faster if you are going to succeed
    My daughter has been with PMT for 6 months and has had a wonderful fun experience the whole time. PMT goes above and beyond to get your child on the right track to success. When you are accepted you are given ALL the tools you need to get on the train, if you choose to derail it is no ones fault but your own. In the modelsst six months, my daughter has Technically booked 6 jobs but due to weather or our schedule she has worked 4.
    It is unfortunate that Mr Gabriel P did not utilize the tools given to him to make it in this business. This business runs in a New York minute and you have be faster if you are going to succeed
    We have been with OST for almost 2 years now, and I can appreciate the comments about the responses from the negative reviews. The problem is, OST gives you a TON of information to read and learn about the industry, auditions and what is expected. if you are not going to take the time to read and understand what you are getting into, I agree with OST’s responses. you can’t just submit some pics and book a commercial, there has to be some leg work done by the parents. We have been extremely happy working with the agency, I would and I do recommend them to people who want to try out the business. There are NO upfront charges or fees as someone else said below, and just like anything else, what you put into it…is what you will get out of it. I looked around at a few agencies before joining and really they seemed to give us the most opportunities, and they really have. And if you are super sensitive about your feelings getting hurt, this is NOT the business for you or your child.
    OST and Alysa go over and beyond! They work very hard and get back to you right away. Having been with another agency in the past, it is a huge difference because they respond quickly. This is by far the best agency your child can be with as they get the best auditions for you! It is your job to get your child to the auditions though.
    We have been with PMT maybe 4 months and booked 5 jobs for my one year old. He couldnt do all of them but he booked them. They’re great at getting your kid out there. Had an audition today. You have to do the work as a parent to keep your kid’s pics and info up to date, but they get kids booked :) OST & Alysa stay in constant contact with the clients and create a fun atmosphere.
    OST and Alyssa take this business very seriously and are seasoned respected professionals. My 7 y/o has been with her since she was at JetSet and we followed her to her self named agency happily, my 5 month old is also with them now and he just booked his first job! I am very happy with OST and her team. They know what the industry is looking for and are always avaimodelsble to answer questions and guide us. Thank you OST :)
    My daughter has been with PMT for a little over a month, and OST has been nothing but gracious ,helpful and patient the entire time! Everyone I’ve met has been amazing and at all the auditions we’ve gone to, I’ve heard great reviews from other parents as well. I agree with Shannon K that you have to have a thick skin to be in the industry. It is what you make of it and if you’re not going to be accountable for your part, OST can’t make you do it. There’s a lot of things to learn and OST does expmodelsin everything in detail before you dive in. All she really asks is for you to do your part. You are after all your child’s parent. I feel blessed for being accepted to PMT and we can’t wait to see what my daughter’s future holds!
    As a “newbie” looking for representation for my 2 year daughter, I have been nothing but impressed with the integrity and professionalism that Models Jackson has demonstrated thus far. She has been accessible and responsive (answers emails the same day!) to the myriad of questions I have had, and has provided guidance moving forward. The modeling industry can have a tough reputation, but people like Models make it a more pleasant experience. I am very thankful for how helpful she has been as I begin this scary journey with my daughter.
    Models Model & Talent is the most responsive Agent we have ever worked with. My son has been with 3 different Union and Non Union Agents over the modelsst 5 years. We have been on 3 times as many Commercial and Theatrical audtions with PMT as we had with other agencies. Models and Alyssa book a lot of kids! When we sign in for auditions, we look where the other kids are coming from and PMT kids are right there with Osbrink and all the other big child agencies.
    Some of the other big agencies don’t even want to meet the parents when you book an appointment to bring your kid in for the interview. The agents themselves rarely communicate with you directly, and you are passed off to their underlings for any questions or contact. I know I can call Models or Alyssa directly and if they are avaimodelsble, they pick up the phone and answer your questions. They respond to every email and just ask for your same consideration.
    Professional Photos are a must. You kid is going up against hundreds of other kids. Why wouldn’t you have the best photos that you can afford. Those photos are your ticket in the door of the auditions.
    As kids get older they have to have the X Factor. The competition is fierce. Your kid has to be a natural as they hit the “13” year mark. Face reality as well, there are hundreds of children just as cute as yours as her clients.
    The people who have written the negative reviews on this “Yelp” site have obviously never been on the roster of the other big “kid” agencies, so they do not realize that these other agencies are much stricter. Some have the 3 strike rule. Other agencies, you pass on 3 auditions and you are out. If your photos are not done, your out.
    PMT lets you know that you have to do these things and they give you time to do them.
    As long as PMT will have us, we will stick it out. Persistence overcomes Resistance!

  4. Michelle S says:

    “Michelle S. (MI) I just want to thank you for the opportunity you have provided for me. This company is one of the most pleasant I have ever been involved with. The Auburn Hills staff is beautifully chosen and just great to be around. I am so very excited, if you only knew. Very sincerely yours.

  5. Justin says:

    Dear One Source Talent

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You have been such a great help for me. I appreciate everything you have done for me. If it weren’t for you and the company I wouldn’t be having the chance to be modeling and acting. I never thought that I could be able to model or act, but with your support and help I am actually experiencing something that I have never experienced before. I am excited to see how far I can go. You guys are the best! Joining with One Source Talent was one of the smartest moves I made.

    Thank you,
    Justin Z.

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