Not All Actors Have Talent

Have you ever thought of acting without having any special talent? Well, most top-notch actors are actually talented in doing something perfectly well. It is also important to point out that not all actors have talent. Here are a few tips on how to become a better actor even without possessing special skills and talents.

Incorporate Components of the Character into your Acting

If you are acting as police detective, then it is important that you should work on incorporating some attributes of a good cop. Do not just be flat on the stage. Do your homework on the character. Know more about who you are representing in the scenes of play. You do not have to be well-gifted in identifying crime suspects or manhandling those who break the law to become a good detective actor. Doing enough research on what is expected of you as a dedicated police officer will help you in performing the roles of the detective in an easy way.

Work on Natural Reaction and Faking Emotions

Acting is all about using imagination to trigger the audience’s sensations. People can fake emotions that can trigger feelings to the viewers without having the gifts or skills needed to achieve this. Some emotions may come out naturally without forcing anything. In most cases you will only have to recall a time in your lifetime that may have made you happy or sad depending on the sensation you want to send out to the audience. Kids are very good at faking emotions. When a kid has done something wrong, the reaction on the face will trigger sensational feelings to the parents. This might make them reduce the punishment. It is not that the kids are talented in acting, but it is faking emotions that make them receive less punishment after doing something wrong.

Do Not Focus on Mastering the Lines

The lines tell the story of what you are performing. The lines represent the dialogue between different cast members. It is important that you should grasp them. However, you should not focus on mastering the lines and forget about being real while acting. You can drop or add a word or two to make the lines part of you. Do not become a hostage of dialogue to the extent that you cannot be yourself while acting. You do not need to be a perfectionist. Most individuals who master the lines in an acting script are gifted wunderkinds that not everyone can become. While perfection in dialoging per the script is important, going off by adding or subtracting some few words can make you a perfect actor.

Do More Listening than Speaking

Sometimes you do not have to open your mouth to be a darling of the casting director and the entire acting crew. You only need to do less talking while keeping keen interests on what is needed from you. Remember that there is a reason why you have two ears and only one mouth. You have to do more listening for you to sharpen your acting capability. Some people may argue that listening is in itself a talent, but how do they expect you to become an actor with distorted listening abilities?

As you try to move up the ranks in your acting career, remember that you can become a profound actor without developing special talent(s). Many have done it before and you can also do it. Just trust in yourself.

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