How to Nail That Audition

Compared to other professions, models and performers could have a difficult time finding work. There’s tons of competition, as it isn’t uncommon to see hundreds and hundreds of people audition for one lone position. To get that job, you need to be on your A game and stand out from your competition! Here, you’ll learn how to land the job through tips for every audition.

Be Confident
A panel can tell if you aren’t confident with yourself or your material rather easily. As soon as they pick up on this, your chances of landing the role decrease by a good amount. After all, if they are the ones hiring, they need to depend on you! If you are shaky on the audition, you’re conveying that you won’t be able to handle the task that is given. On the other hand, if you master confidence, not only will you be proving that you can succeed at anything they ask of you, but the energy is infectious. The panel will be more receptive to your audition, and therefore, more likely to give you the job.

Go Above and Beyond
Imagine that the panel has been watching hundreds of auditions, one after the other. After a while, all of them begin to blur together. Wake them up and make them notice you! If you are determined and connected to the audition, it will draw the casting crew in. Blending in with the others will not bode well in terms of getting hired, though standing out will make it even more likely that you will be remembered and cast. Whether it’s an interpretation of a certain sentence or a pose that you give, make it your own and don’t second guess your choices. Loud and proud, they say! These choices will set you apart from those that give a carbon copy of another person’s audition.

Be Considerate
A person walking in to an audition with a sour attitude will quickly turn off the panel from the one auditioning. Keep in mind that you need to make that panel want to work with you. Divas and divos are less likely to be hired than those who are smiling and courteous throughout the audition process! Make sure not only that you respect the panel, but that they respect you as well. You’ll feel better about the audition and they’ll feel better about casting you.

Be Yourself
Above anything else, be yourself. If you try and market yourself as somebody else, or you’re trying to fit into a mold of another person’s shadow, you won’t stand out. The great aspect of modeling or performing is the fact that no two people are alike. There’s something in your pose or monologue that nobody else does, and that’s what you want! If you want to be unique and make an impression just by walking in the door, be organic. Nobody can do you better than you! A large part of auditioning is the “interview” process that happens immediately when the panel lays their eyes on you, and continues until you leave. If you try and fake who you are, the panel will know and hold that against you. Accept who you are and show the panel what you can do.

Don’t Give Up
The truth of the matter is, you won’t fit every role. Some casting directors have very specific ideas of what they want, and this cannot be swayed! If you don’t get one job, it doesn’t mean that you drop your career all together. What it means is you give it another go until you find the role that’s right for you. The more you audition in front of others, the more they will remember and call on you in times of need. Plenty of performers have received incredible roles from an audition they did years ago! Understand that casting is subjective and just because you don’t get what you want doesn’t mean you aren’t talented. Believe in yourself, your talent, and audition all around. The right gig will come up.

Auditioning can be very stressful! What’s important is to keep perspective and do the best that you can do. Follow the tips above and you will ensure that chances of getting the job are the highest it could be. Understand that talent get one shot at auditions! With the tips above, you’ll make the most of your audition and success will be coming your way.

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