5 Tips when Going on an Acting Interview

One Source Talent ModelActing is a serious and a very demanding profession. The competition in this field is mind-boggling as there are literally people lined up for any open auditions happening anywhere. As an aspiring actor there are some things that you should do to help you make the process easier for yourself. One of the important things that you should think about is setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Give the producers/directors enough reasons to choose you. Here are 5 amazing tips that will really help you when you are going on an acting audition.

5. Portfolio: When you send in your portfolio or carry it to your audition, don’t just send in your headshots and your résumé. Instead add in a few great pictures of yourself along with the headshots. Express your keenness for the job without sounding desperate through a note. Sometimes even a simple thank you for the consideration note helps you stand out from the endless number of drab submissions that casters usually get. Show your interest in the project by taking time to decide what your portfolio should include. Carry multiple copies for when, you can also hand out multiple copies if there is more than one person involved.

4. Prepare your audition pieces well: Preparation is of the essence when you go for an audition. If you are given something to prepare for, then make sure that you perfect it before you go for the audition. If you are not given anything to prepare then prepare your own pieces. Do not hesitate to make your own choices as it really gives you a chance to show yourself to the casters.

3. Dress for the occasion: Dress up for the occasion. If you are given something to prepare for, then dress the part. It will make a positive impact on your interviewers and it will also display your commitment towards the audition. Express yourself through your appearance too as it is very important that as an actor you are able to do so well. It is also a good way to stand out by being creative with the way you look.

2. Confidence: Confidence is a big part of any audition. Confidence does not imply that you are perfect and make no mistakes. A confident person is able to recover from their mistakes well. If you happen to make a mistake, take a small pause and start again. Do not hesitate, make good eye contact and smile when you can. Your confidence reflects in your body language as well so make sure that you study up on what you should do and what you should not do. A confident person makes a good first impression which is critical in this profession.

1. Don’t make any excuses: For your own sake do not make any excuses in front of your casters. Be professional in your approach and be honest. If you don’t know something, then don’t hesitate to ask but you should try to keep your questions at a minimum. If you have come unprepared for an audition, there is really no excuse for you. It is a fatal error that a lot of budding actors make because something unexpected is presented to them. Be ready for any situation when you enter into an audition.

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