3 OST tips on how to get your child into Modeling

Modeling is a career that often requires two main things: unique bone structure and facial features, as well as a great, lean body. Although many people start modeling as teenagers, it can be highly beneficial for a parent to get in contact with modeling agencies and get their child involved with modeling. Because younger children are still growing and don’t have defined features, child models are accepted at almost any height. However, this does not guarantee success in their future modeling careers. One Source Talent asks, Do you think your child would make a great model? Check out these top three tips on how to get your child into modeling:

Take snapshots and send them to One Source Talent

The biggest tip for getting your child involved in modeling is to take normal, make-up free photos of them and send them to agencies. The photos need to be as natural as possible. You do not need to get professional photos done, in fact, many agencies are against them because they cannot see the naturalism of your child. You can look at submission requirements for agencies online, but take several photos fro the back, side, and front. Have them try different faces. These pictures should be against a simple wall. Locate your local modeling agencies and send the photos to them along with measurements.

Go to casting calls

You can find many casting calls online or through agencies. They hold many for children. All you’ll need are headshots and whatever else they have prepared. It’s a great idea to attend these because you never know when you can book a job. Plus, there are mnay agents and casting directors there that will get to know your child. Having connections in this industry is a good thing. Your child will get the experience they need with castings and may even book great jobs!

Test shoot after you’re with an agency

You can’t get far with an agency if you don’t do a few test shoots with local photographers and get your professional portfolio tarted. However, your agency will not pay for this. You can often find photographers who are involved with your agency and will do test shoots for free to benefit them. You should try out a few different photographers who have different styles to get variety in your portfolio. Your agent will then place these photos online and in your book, so agents can check out their work and hire them.

Child modeling can be very rewarding and will open up many doors for your child, even with acting. Try out a great agency and see what your child can do. Use these tips an you’ll have a child who is ready to face the big world of modeling!

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